Une courte histoire de bonheur

Deux mois ont suffi pour l’amarrer à ma vie Un aigle brun éclatant au sourire confiant Une contagion lente mais devenue une manie De se voir, de rire et de partager nos vies.   Deux mois c’est pas grand-chose quand on voit l’horizon Surtout quand on se prépare tous deux au futur Armés de passés … Continue reading Une courte histoire de bonheur


I’m Strong! I Promise!

I grow mature ride after ride, More experienced with my choices, An armor as strong as my pride, More troubled by the sudden tears.   I didn’t know hurt still hurts, But I quickly discovered, That armor, big outside, Prevent no tearing inside.   May your present be enlightened by positive thoughts. Mine is. Mostly. … Continue reading I’m Strong! I Promise!

This Time, Better and Worse

This time, not a mere happy sensation Something better, something worse This time, no need for empty hassles I fell on a smile, she, on a Trojan curse   Love made me discover myriads of things From sex to confidence, from culture to fears Craving for depression, for the power of kings What surprises will … Continue reading This Time, Better and Worse

Le Regard Noir / The Dark Gaze

L’intensité du regard que l’homme m’a lancé En une brève seconde, m’a coupé le souffle Cette journée au ciel noir, la pluie sur la chaussée L’émotion d’une rencontre que fierté camoufle   Un labrador aboie, les oiseaux s’éparpillent Ce sont des indices que la noirceur s’immisce L’apparence d’un marchant, le cri d’une jeune fille Autour … Continue reading Le Regard Noir / The Dark Gaze

The Storm Won’t Take Me

No, The storm won't take me. As the raindrops hammer the glass, I wash my doubts and clean my past. When the lighting tears the sky apart, I choose to see gleam in obscure mass. Even the mighty thunder, Roaring in the world's highest forest, Forgot that I can scream louder, And will not crush … Continue reading The Storm Won’t Take Me

A story of traveling – Rosekey Ergen

On this grey and rainy day, I will recount you the story of Ergen, the traveler. Ergen was a middle class laborer in his early thirties. He used to travel quite much, up to several times a month. Always in different places, yearning for something outstanding and unique. Nevertheless, he would always travel by train, … Continue reading A story of traveling – Rosekey Ergen

Crap… I Forgot Her Name

"Oh sorry, I am really bad with names...". I cannot remember how many times I said that sentence, laughing, after forgetting the name of the person I just met. I bet it happens to you too. And yet, a person's name is the sweetest music for them in any language, and a token of their … Continue reading Crap… I Forgot Her Name